A Bit About Me

Hi! I’m Kirsten, but around here I’m just about always Mama. 🙂 I’m a lot of things in my life, but most of the time I’m the mother to two kids, E., who is my eight-year-old daughter, and M., who is my three-year-old son. I’m also a wife to Big M., an educator, a graduate student, and an aspiring writer. I love to read (historical fiction and lots of nonfiction), cook (and eat, of course), play outside, and learn as much as I can about myself and the world around me.

A Bit About Our Home

We live in rural Maine, the part with the mountains and lake, nary a lobster or lighthouse to be found, though we enjoy those, too. Our house is relatively small, just under 1200 square feet, but it’s in the middle of nearly seven acres of mostly wooded land, so you never feel too cramped.

A Bit About Why I’m Here

My original vision for this blog was to document the summer of 2016 and how I re-wilded my children. While much of what I planned occurred, I realized two things: one, I’m not always great at consistently documenting things (I’m trying to get better), and two, that there are dozens of other things I want to talk about, too! At the start of this year (2017), I changed the title of my blog from Mama’s Forest School to Mama in the Forest, because that’s exactly what I am, a mama living in the forest of Maine, trying to live this life as full and well as I can.

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