Gimme Some Sugar, or How to Make Something that Sounds Fancy, but is Really Easy

One of my favorite, favorite folks to follow on Instagram and who’s website and blog are darling is Kaity from Fare Isle. A couple of weeks ago she posted a recipe for wild violet sugar and I was intrigued. A small handful of these purple beauties grow in our yard, but not enough to make the sugar. A week or so later, Kaity mentioned on Instagram that you could follow the same recipe but replace the wild violets with lilacs (they’re edible, don’t you know?). While I don’t have a lot of wild violets, I do have several gorgeous and huge lilac bushes.


You can find Kaity’s recipe for Wild Violet Sugar here. I simply subbed the one cup of violets for one cup of lilac petals. Surprisingly, it took only a few blooms to get a cups worth of petals, so even if you don’t have your own lilacs or perhaps their blooms are as abundant, if you can get three or four good sized ones, that should be more than enough.

As Kaity suggested in her blog post, I will be giving my sugar away as gifts at Christmas time, just when we need something light and floral.¬†However, I’ve reserved some of my sugar for my own use and found it tastes just swell in a good cup of Earl Grey with milk or green tea. The lilac adds just enough complexity to make the drink not only sweet but interesting and something to be savored. When I make up my gifts this Christmas, I will be including the sugar with some nice quality tea.

The floral sugar doesn’t stop here, though. Later this summer I’ll be picking some roses from the many that grow in yard and using those to make more as well!


If you’re a lover of lilacs, you need to visit McLaughlin Gardens in South Paris, Maine. Every Memorial Day Weekend they hold a festival celebrating these beautiful and fragrant flowers. While this year’s festival has gone by, the lilacs are still in bloom and the gardens are still open. If you’re nearby, I encourage you to come check it out!

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