A Trip North (and How to Recover from Bug Bites)

We left the Friday of Memorial Day weekend bright and early and made the six hour drive north to the North Maine Woods. We’ve camped in this region multiple times over the last several years and we haven’t had a bad trip yet, even when the weather isn’t as cooperative as we might like.

Thankfully it only rained once, on Friday night.

We stayed for three nights, coming home on Monday morning. While we have done this trip every year for the last six years, three times to roughly the same location, I still am returning amazed by the natural beauty and thrilled by the changes I’m seeing in my little ones.

E. is ten this year, and full of independence and fearlessness. She and her cousin, who is the same age, rambled around our campsite and the different areas we visited with confidence I wish I could bottle and ration out for her over the next several years. I told her outright that I hoped she stayed this crazy brave her entire life.


The face you make when you watch you daughter adventure in ways you never could.

M. desperately wanted to adventure with his sister and cousin, and we let him as much as we could. He took every moment in stride and let his imagination run wild. Each night around the campfire he regaled us with his “scary” stories and toasted marshmallows, giggling and thrilled to be one of the big people.


Yes, four gorgeous days in northern Maine was a wonderful antidote to the craziness that comes with the end of the school year. That said, we’ve all come with (me, especially) with a ridiculous number of bug bites. My legs are COVERED. So, when I got home, I needed something to soothe the itch.


  • Soothing oils such as lavender and/or chamomile
  • Cooling oils such as spearmint or peppermint
  • A moisturizing carrier oil like coconut oil

How to soothe the itch: 

First: A warm bath with soothing essential oils. I used the doTERRA blend Serenity which includes lavender and chamomile, both great for soothing scratchy bug bites.

Second: After the bath, I mixed a few drops of spearmint essential oil (peppermint would work just as well) with coconut oil. I dabbed just a bit of this mixture on each of the itchy spots on my leg. Within moments the itch subsided and I could fully relax.

Third: As my bug bites became itchy again just before bed, I reapplied the spearmint and coconut oils and slept comfortably. And for the last two mornings I’ve moisturized my legs to help prevent my legs from feeling dried out and itchy.

I just used what oils I had on hand, but you can use other oils, depending on what you have available to you. That said, the above combination worked mightily well for me and doubled as a fantastic way to completely unwind after a busy weekend and a long day of travel.

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