What Is It About Laundry?


This week has been interesting in that I have already had to face exactly what I’ve been dreading in this project of mine: not being able to follow through in what I’ve said I was going to do. All week, I had to fight a feeling of disappointment and failure, knowing I had committed myself to do something and was failing to do it. And yet, here I am, no worse for wear. Is this really a failure or simply an adjustment to my needs? I’m not sure how to call it yet, but I suppose I’m leaning more towards adjustment.

To fill you in, last Sunday, I committed to washing and drying, folding, and putting away a load of laundry every day as that week’s Little Enough. If you are responsible for more than one person’s laundry, go ahead and laugh at my naivety; I’ve been having a good chuckle myself. For those of you not in the know, when you are a full-time working person, plus the caregiver to other demanding living creatures, finding time to do laundry is often difficult. This past week, despite my well-intentioned commitment, did nothing to change that.

So, the take away is this, I suppose: do enough, even if it’s not the whole thing. I did something laundry related every day, whether it was putting a load in the washer and dryer, folding a basket or two, or putting things away. On Sunday, yesterday, I did all three multiple times. Overall, I certainly got more laundry done than I usually do, and I rather suspect I can continue to make sure I move loads of laundry from the washer to the dryer before they begin to stink of mildew.

Yes, I vote adjustment now, not failure.

What’s up for this week’s Little Enough? Daily meditation.

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