Follow Through When Times are Tough

I talked about Little Enoughs last week, and this week was my first shot at it. I decided this past week was going to be dedicated to making sure I got enough to drink. I think I said something like, 6 bottles of water a day. In the end, I probably averaged closer to four 20 oz. bottles, so about 80 oz., so I’m calling this a success.

I’m happy to claim this success, because the last few days have been a bit hellish. E. woke up Friday morning with a stomach bug, puking and exhausted. By the end of Friday I was absolute toast myself with something like the flu, but I’m guessing an aggressive cold (which I’m still very much recovering from). Saturday brought us a flooded basement due to a pipe that was blocked with ice, and my illness got progressively worse (chills, fever, horrible sinus pressure). Though my fever finally broke Saturday night, M. ended up getting E.’s stomach bug, but much worse, puking at least once every hour or two for 8 hours, so we got very little (if any) sleep. Today, Sunday, has been a day of recovery, with lots of sitting and napping and watching TV (football and The Crown), with no one feeling quite 100% and thankful that tomorrow is a holiday.

So, through all of that, a time that I would normally regard as permission to let slide any commitments I’d made to myself slide, I continued to drink water (or herbal tea). I’d panic a bit, realizing I hadn’t drank anything in a while, and remind myself that the fact that it was on my mind, that I was aware of it, was enough. Part of integrating a new habit into one’s life is realizing that there are going to be times that are harder than others to keep that habit going. This was one of those times, but I still remained mindful of my goal and pursued it, though perhaps not as doggedly as I had imagined.

Now we’re on the cusp of a new week, so I must do two things: 1) decide if the new habit I introduced this week is doable and if I’ll continue on with it, and 2) pick a new habit to focus on.

So, yes, drinking more water is doable and something I’ll continue beyond this week. It’s kept my belly fuller, given my skin good color, and since I’ve been sick, kept me from completely wilting.

This coming week, due in part to the fact that our flooded basement redirtied a whole bunch of clean laundry and because we were all so darn sick, we’ve got a ton of laundry that needs to be done, so I will be trying the little enough of washing, folding, and putting away a load of laundry each day.

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