Little Enoughs

On New Year’s Eve, I wrote how I had chosen a word to help me define this year, and that word was ENOUGH. I love the idea of {enough} because it gives me permission to stop starting (and ultimately not completing) all sorts of self-improvement projects. It also fits nicely with what I wrote at the end of last week about magic moments, small changes that eventually lead to bigger, longer lasting ones.

Inspired by the idea of those magic moments and Mia Moran’s doable changes, I have 52 Little Enoughs (Have I come up with enough cutesy names for good habits?). Each week, starting this Monday, I’m going to have a small, lone focus. I am only going to worry about executing it during the week. I’m not going fuss over making it go on past that final Sunday evening. That’s not to say I hope some of these habits don’t stick, I certainly hope they do if they work for me/our family. I feel like I’m experimenting with speed dating for habits or renting a new mindset for a week. Just trying stuff on to see how they feel.

Below is the full list of what I’ll be choosing from. I don’t have a particular order in mind, I’m just going to pick what seems right for a particular week. I might even come up with something new if it strikes my fancy. This is not going to be strict, but I do have the expectation that I will try something new every week.

Some of these Little Enoughs are going to be a breeze. Try a new beer every day? Oh, twist my arm! (But seriously, I need to broaden my beer horizons and want to try some local brews.) Others could be really tough. Make my bed every day? Find time to work out in the morning? VEGAN?!?! Even if they’re difficult, however, they’re things I’ve at least contemplated trying. Why not give it a go, just for a week, and see how things are?

Here is the list:

Physical Health

  • fruit or veg with every meal
  • six bottles of water every day
  • no processed food
  • no processed sugar
  • no sugar, period.
  • make every meal from scratch
  • walk for at least 15 minutes every day
  • walk for at least 30 minutes every day
  • drink a green smoothie every day
  • no cereal for breakfasts
  • no coffee
  • keep a food journal
  • go vegan
  • drink a glass of fruit infused water every day
  • go to bed at 9 every night
  • wake up at 5:30 every day
  • do a ten minute workout every morning
  • stretch in bed before I get up every morning
  • oil pull every day

Self-Care and Development

  • read the Bible every day
  • do yoga every day
  • meditate for 5 minutes every day
  • write every day for a half an hour
  • sew or knit a little every day
  • take a selfie every day
  • wear a full face of make up every day
  • wear no make up every day
  • blog every day
  • spend time learning about an artist or art form every day
  • listen to a TedTalk every day
  • read (at least) ten pages of a book every day (school books don’t count)
  • write a card to a friend/relative every day
  • try a new beer every day
  • read a news article every day

Home and Organization

  • buy nothing other than groceries
  • make the bed every day
  • put out clothes/prep outfits every day
  • make the kids’ lunches every day
  • organize a small space in the house every day
  • get rid of one object every day
  • tidy up every night
  • take everything out of my car I brought in each day
  • make lunches for work the night before
  • wash, fold, and put away some laundry every day
  • do the dishes every day

With the Fam

  • eat breakfast at the table
  • no screens, except as needed for life, work, etc.
  • up our dinner table conversation game
  • sit outside for 10 minutes
  • play a game with the kids every night
  • special snuggle time with the hub every night
  • have a five minute dance party with the kids every day

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