The Strangest Thing

This is one of those ideas that I’ve rolled around in my head for a couple years now, have talked about with a handful of people, maybe mentioned in a Facebook post, but haven’t really put down in any great detail anywhere permanent. I’m going to do that now. Let me know what you think. 😉

I’d like to buy a tract of wooded land, with lots of big, old trees and not much undergrowth. Within that tract of woods, people would leave the bodies of their loved ones. There, the bodies would decompose naturally, nourishing the earth that nourished them. The loved ones who had been left behind would be able to return whenever they wanted and could leave a small and permanent memorial, like a plaque, artwork, or even a bench. The woods, a memorial wood, if you will, would become an oasis, where death and life meet gently, time stops just a bit, and the one is reminded that though the body may be gone, the most essential parts of life cycle on.

This is a service I’d love to provide, along with before-death preparation and counseling. I’d love to help facilitate home deaths, where one is not forced to be tied to tubes and machines and all sorts of uncomfortable things, and just let their life go in the comfort of their own homes. I’d love to help people become comfortable with their own end, as well as the ends of those they love most dearly.

I’d love to do all this, but I haven’t got the faintest idea on how to start.

(Seriously, any input would be wonderful.)


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