This Summer

I haven’t posted at all this summer, and I’m all right with that. It’s been a bit of a time; we’ve been busy, I’ve been working, I took a class, my mental health has been a bit wonky (more so than usual), and I started writing a novel (20,000+ words and 60 pages deep, thank you very much). I haven’t had the energy to dedicate to this space, which I’m fine with, but I also want to get writing here again, too.

In case you’ve missed it (which is doubtful, because I think most folks find this space via Instagram and Facebook, and I have posted about all this stuff on there anyway), here are some of our summer highlights.


We took a cloudy, but warm, Father’s Day hike up to Step Falls in Newry, ME. We all spent the afternoon sliding down freezing cold natural water slides.

We celebrated the summer solstice with fresh foods and by making sun plaques.


We headed to Aquaboggin with my little brother. The wave pool was a favorite.

We camped with my husband’s aunt and uncle, where we were visited by his grandparents, did some fishing, and checked out an awesome suspension bridge in Bethel, Maine, that goes over the Androscoggin River.

On an unbelievably hot and muggy day, we went to Popham Beach State Park. Gor. Geous. But so cold.

We went camping with my parents at Rangeley Lake State Park. Absolutely stunning and so, so much fun.


My mom, E., and I took a trip down to Plymouth, MA to visit my aunt. Delicious cocktails were had and rope climbing was done.


We took a much overdue trip to Old Orchard Beach, ME. M. insisted he be buried multiple times in the sand. I would have taken more pictures, but I was too busy playing in the waves. 😀

Last, but not least, yesterday my husband and I celebrated our NINTH wedding anniversary. We spent the afternoon floating down the Androscoggin River in Bethel and then went to dinner and then drinks and dessert. Drinks (delicious beer) and dessert (mocha pot de creme, a.k.a. heaven) were had at a local brewery.

Truly, this has been a fabulous summer. Its as shorter than usual, busy, and I had my own stuff to deal with, but, man, did we get to do some wonderful things. I continue to feel so blessed that I have this time with my family every year and that we’re able to have so many great adventures together. 20374312_10104263344819659_3060629712406487605_n.jpg


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