Summer Plans

I have finally finished my last paper for the semester, I only have four more weeks of teaching, and we already have three (3!) camping trips booked. Summer break is just on the horizon and I am running to it with open arms.

I am choosing to look at those two and half months of glorious blank space as restorative time. Last summer, I had very grand and organized plans for myself and my children and by the time I hit mid-July I was quite nearly out of my mind and a bit depressed. The hope is that I will learn that lesson and expect very little from myself regarding structure and just be and do things that make me happy. I am going to Make, Grow, and Bake. *Sighs ecstatically*

Make – I haven’t had much time for crafty sorts of projects during the school year, which is understandable, what with the husband, two kids, full time job, and part-time schooling. My fingers are itching for a project and I have all the supplies lined up for a few good ones, including fashioning some Christmas stockings for my cousins from our grandfather’s old plaid shirts and trying my hand at knitting a couple more extensive projects.

Grow – With the help of dear friends, we’re putting in a pretty decent sized veggie garden. I’m so proud of my husband, because he has really taken on a bulk of the project and he’s done so with gusto. It feels good to be collaborating with him on this endeavor and I’m very much (fingers crossed) looking forward to cooking, canning, and eating everything we grow!

Bake – For a while during the late fall and winter, I was doing really well with baking bread on a weekly basis, but stopped out as grad school got a bit more demanding. This summer I plan to bake bread on a weekly basis again, among other things. Though the summer may not always feel conducive to lots of baking, there really isn’t anything better than a good muffin on a dewy morning or a slice of pie late at night on the porch.

As I contemplate how little I have to do now, with coursework out of the way, I feel so light and good in a way I haven’t felt for months. I think, while in the thick of it, I forget what pressure and demands I put on myself for most of the year. It’s no wonder I feel like I’m going a bit crazy at times! Before I take on anything else, even if it’s a sewing project or reading a book for the pure pleasure of it, I am going to enjoy this stillness and delicious lack. I am going to soak in it like it’s the sun.



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