Working Through It

When I last wrote here, we were in the thick of autumn. I had been swept up in that seasonal preparation, while also finding myself inundated with school work and a lot of physical and emotional upheaval in my work (there is nothing worse than massive shifts in one’s work life when their work is a tremendous part of their life). And let’s not forget (okay, let’s) the mess of political season we experienced in the states this fall. To say that September through much of December were difficult months for me would be an understatement, and much of what I wanted to focus on when I started this blog has been pushed aside. It’s frustrating.

But it does me absolutely no good to dwell on my frustration, so I won’t. Instead, I’m shifting, refocusing in some areas and broadening in others. When I first started this blog, it was intended as a way to document my preparation for a summer I anticipated to be filled with wondrous, outdoorsy goodness. There was quite a lot of that, though I got considerably terrible at documenting it any further than a few Instragram posts here and there. But again, we’re not here to dwell.

In this new year, I want to shift things beyond just brining my children out into nature (though I want to continue to grow in this area as well) and write about being a mother and a teacher and student and how I balance (or don’t) those responsibilities. I want to share our journey into eating a more nourishing, whole foods diet. I want to talk about, and maybe start a dialogue, about the importance of play and freedom and reform in education. And I want to explore what it’s like to have all these things happening, to have all these interests and passions boiling about in my brain, while also coping with anxiety and depression.

As I bring this post to a close, my hope is that this isn’t going to be some early January stab at starting something that will slowly peter out. I want to write and share and document (gosh, I’m quite the millennial, aren’t I?), and I know these are acts that are balancing and enjoyable for me. So I really just ought to do them? Hmm?


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