If I could change anything about the world, I would make it so every child born has a mother who is just right for them. I have been so blessed in my life, and I know that if everyone else had a mother who fit them as well as my mother fits me, then all other problems this planet and its population faces would simply fall away.

My mother nurtured me, loved me unconditionally, didn’t spare her affectionate words or hugs and kisses, and was always eager to say how proud of me she was. She showed me how to be a good wife (by being one to my wonderful father) and a good sister and friend. She chased me up a flight of stairs when I was sixteen in a fit of teenage-daughter-induced-rage (to do what, I’ll never know, I made it to my room before she could get me), and yet I still knew, though my fury and hers, that she loved me desperately and within a short period of time we were snuggled together in her big bed, watching HGTV, eating chocolate.

I say without shame, at 28, that my mother is my best friend. After my husband (and sometimes before), she is my first call any time something has happened, good or bad. If I don’t see her for a few days, I miss her, and she misses me. Even though we work in the same building, we don’t always see each other, but on the occasion I do bump into her, I’m always excited, a big grin cracking my face. She’s undoubtedly one of my favorite people in the world.

Recently, she stopped by my house to visit for a bit. She has a lot going on in her life, and it’s special when she can come by and just hang out. Though, of course, my mother can never just “hang out”. She ended up helping me clean and organize some of the kids’ clothes. And then she played with and read to M. And then finally we all sat on the porch for a while, enjoying the mild autumn weather, and just chatted.

This is the kind of mum I have, the kind of mum who gets me and does stuff not because she has to, but because she wants to, and doesn’t make you feel guilty for it, or expects anything in return. Everything my mother does is with love, and my prayer for this world is that everyone has someone like that.


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