It’s the Little Things

We’ve barely had any time to enjoy them, but I wanted to share this little family treat.

I belong to a few different Waldorf groups on Facebook. We’re not an explicitly Waldorf home, but much of Steiner’s philosophy is in line with my own when it comes to education and child-rearing. Also, I am in love with the Waldorf aesthetic. So, anyway, long story short, one of the mama’s in a group I belong to was selling these seriously enchanting wooden figures. A parent tree and it’s baby, all sort of seasonally assigned. As we’ve been slowly building a little seasonal spot on our upstairs bay window sill I couldn’t help but make a purchase.


Aren’t they the sweetest?! While the Facebook and Etsy pictures were adorable, seeing these beauties in person was breathtaking. I was truly stunned by the vividness of the color and the detailing. And, like many of the handmade things I’ve purchased from Etsy, there is just such a warmth and love that radiates from our little tree families.


For now, I’m letting the kids have free reign, but in another week or so I’ll quietly set aside our pine and alder families and save them for winter and spring/summer, keeping our little fall maples out for a while longer. The Etsy shop from which I purchased these (link below) has many other seasonal figures and I am positive I’ll be purchasing more from them to add to our collection in the future.

(This is not a sponsored post. Wooden dolls were purchased with my own money from Tansy Dolls on Etsy.)


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  1. Valerie says:

    Those are adorable! Thanks so much for sharing!! Off to check out her shop…


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