M. is in love with pirates. He likes to strut around the house with his rubber boots and speak in his gravely pirate voice. His favorite toy at the moment is his wooden pirate ship. Yes, we’re all about pirates. 

M. decided that he needed a wooden pirate sword. He already has a couple of the plastic, Halloween costume variety, but he was becoming insistent upon having a sword made of wood. While we might try to make something a bit more solid at another time (perhaps for Christmas), together, M. and I were able to make him quite a nice little wooden (aka stick) sword. It was very easy. 

We found two fairly thick sticks, broke them down to the proper lengths and took off extra bits. After finding the right sticks, or blade and handle, if you will, we took some leftover red ribbon I had from another project I had just finished. We used it to attach the handle to the blade and I also wound the ribbon down the handle to cover it. I total, it took me about 10 minutes, M. was extremely pleased, and it was completely free! 

Once the sword was finished we took an old scarf of my grandmother’s and tied it around M.’s waist so he could easily tuck his sword into his “pirate belt”. After that, we went into the woods and M. boarded his pirate ship. Much fun and booty was found. 


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