Checking In

Oh, it feels like it’s been far too long since I put fingers to the keyboard here! Summer has been ver busy for us of late (as you may have picked up if you follow me on Instagram). As I was preparing for our little forest school over the summer I had rather forgotten how busy the first few weeks of summer are for us. We tend to keep busy right on up until Independence Day, and then things start to wind down, which means this week, aside from swim lessons for M., we’ll be sticking close to home. This is good.

Today, of course, I’m not sticking close to home, as summer labs have begun for our adult education program. However, this only for one day a week, leaving me free otherwise (but allowing me to keep in touch with students and keep my head in the game a bit). And now that this wonderful holiday weekend is behind us, our little family can settle itself a bit.

This week is looking to be a hot one, and I’m hoping the cool of the forest, early in the morning, will be a good way to start our days. I think we’ll also be reading Where the Wild Things Are. It seems appropriate considering my littles are finding it hard to fall asleep these days and can’t help some less than fun behaviors considering their general state of tiredness. We’ll also be making fairy and gnome mailboxes to leave out and see if we get any letters or little gifts from our forest friends.

What are your plans for this new summer week?


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