It’s our first night of summer vacation and our last at home for a few days as we’re off on another camping trip. After baths and a change into jammies, the littles and I found ourselves back outside with the intention (or, at least, I had the intention) of reading our bedtime stories out on the lawn. However, plans quickly changed as both children darted in different directions as soon as they crossed the threshold.


Earlier in the day, the children made themselves a little mud wallow, and M. was quick to go back to it.

“I’m muckin’, Mama,” he told me, absolutely gleeful at getting so dirty so soon after his bedtime bath.


Eventually, E. and M. joined me at our blanket and settled long enough for a story. Then our eyes turned to the sky as we waited for the sun to set. Swooping and diving above us was a bat. The children were fascinated, both breaking out the nature journals to record what they saw.


I love evenings like this, where they sky is absolutely clear and you can see the colors change, so slowly that it feels sudden, and the stars pierce the sky like little pin pricks.

It was quite late when we finally went back inside, past nine o’clock, and both E. and M. were exhausted. Both slipped into bed with no complaints and far fewer demands for water, back rubs, and stuffed animals than usual. A sense of well-being saturated the house. I only wish I could bottle this all up and save it on a shelf for when we’re in some dire need of peace.


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