Summertime Rhythm

I’ve spent the last several days going back through my books, going over my planner, and thumbing through my Whole Family Rhythms Summer Guide. While our whole summer is far from planned out (and I wouldn’t want to do that anyway), I’ve nailed down some solid events and activities. Below is a basic daily schedule, adapted from Whole Family Rhythms, as well as the anticipated specific activities for each week. I expect some, if not much, of this will change as the summer progresses, but being the sort of person who runs better with a bit of structure, it’s nice to see all of this down on paper.

Also, please note the addition of two new pages: “Sights to be Seen”, featuring some of our favorite places to visit in Maine, and “Our Mission and Philosophy”, describing in a more succinct fashion what my goals are here and at home with Mama’s Forest School.


Daily Rhythm (Adapted from Whole Family Rhythms):



Morning Verse

Outdoor Play

Morning Snack (Outside)

Project/Activity (Outside)


Story and Fingerplay (Outside)

Rest/Quiet Activity (Inside or Out)

Afternoon Snack

Free Play (Inside or Out)


Free Play, Family Show/Movie, or Watch the Stars Come Out (depending on weather/level of bugginess)

Get Ready for Bed



Week One – June 27 to July 2

Specific Activities:

  • Interview the kids on how they feel about nature, playing outside, and what they know about the outdoors and nature.
  • Start a family nature journal
  • Make a list of what topics we might want to study
  • Storywalk at Pineland Farms
  • M. swim lessons begin

Week Two – July 3 to July 9

Specific Activities:

  • Camping with family beginning of the week
  • M.’s swim lessons
  • Make a gnome and fairy mailbox

Week Three – July 10 to 16

Specific Activities:

  • E.’s drama camp (9 to 3; this week will mostly be geared toward Michael)
  • Play dough in the garden

Week Four – July 17 to 23

Specific Activities:

  • E.’s LOOK programming (9 to 12)

Week Five – July 24 to 30

Specific Activities:

  • Track the movement of the sun and stars
  • Make paint and brushes from natural objects
  • Pick blueberries if ready at great grandpa’s
  • Camping with family at the end of the week

Week Six – July 31 to August 6

Specific Activities:

  • Sign and mapmaking of our natural places
  • Survival skills with daddy; using a knife

Week Seven – August 7 to August 13

Specific Activities:

  • Powwow or camping with family
  • Learning how to build a fire

Week Eight – August 14 to August 20

Specific Activities:

  • Focus on quiet outside time, meditation, and yoga
  • Campout at home

Week Nine – August 21 to August 27

  • Fairy Houses at the Maine Wildlife Park or camping with family

4 Comments Add yours

  1. I need to sit down and do this too! We have only two weeks left of school and our summer is completely open. Like you, I need a bit of structure and a bit of flexibility at the same time. I look forward to seeing some of the activities if you share them on your blog. I may even steal some of your ideas! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m definitely planning on sharing many of our activities here! Feel free to steal away! 🙂


  2. Lovely ideas. What beautiful inspiration. I want to sit down and do this too, although not summer here yet xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I find it very therapeutic to have at least part of the months ahead laid out for me and planning some of what we’ll be doing. I just have to remind myself it’s okay if it doesn’t all go exactly according to plan!


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