In Which We Go Camping, Part II


We watched the weather obsessively for almost a week before we left. The predictions vascilated between sunny and hot to a complete wash. In the end, the report of a mix was the most accurate, and we felt quite lucky to wake up Friday morning to see the sun burning off a layer of clouds.


We’re slow in the morning. Someone put on coffee, another started a fire, a third mixing batter for pancakes. Groggy children pulled themselves from sleeping bags and started to meander about the campsite, exploring just a bit, having not had a chance to look at everything when we arrived the night before. When breakfast was ready, it was eaten quickly and all the little ones headed for the river.



Despite a chill that was still in the air (though quickly disappearing), all three children “accidentally” fell into the river. After a quick change of clothes, we were off to follow a path that let to a large outcropping of rocks farther up the river, where the water was bit more rough.





While the water was rough on this section of the river (a branch of the Penobscot), there were a great number of what the kids were calling tidepools. They were filled with water bugs and frogs, and even a small fish or two. They were perfect of cooling off in, and just deep enough for M. to qualify as real swimming. This quickly became a favorite play space.


The adults all took turns supervising, but soon we were able to back off and let the older children go off on their own. This left me with a little bit of free time to explore on my own or with my husband and read. I had brought along a book I had picked up from a local bookstore a few weeks earlier, choosing it solely based on the title. The writing, so far, is excellent, and the descriptions of the natural environments and characters are delicious in their richness.



My husband and I also went kayaking with M. and my father-in-law. We chose a slow moving section of the Penobscot a five minute drive from our campsite. We were able to easily paddle up and down this section, enjoying the absolue quiet and peace. M. was in love with cruising up and down the river, watching the fish jump out of the water.


We ended our day with dinner and a campfire, with well earned sunburns and full bellies. Stories were read and told. Smiles were stuck firm on lips. All three children fell asleep delighted and not even the thunderstorm that rolled in shortly after they were put to bed could stir them.

Due to the ridiculous number of days we were gone and the crazy number of pictures I took, I’m dividing the recounting of this trip into a few posts. This is the third installment. Here are parts I and II. Stay tuned for the next installment tomorrow!  


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  1. What wonderful memories you are making for your children! This all sounds so lovely!


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