In Which We Camp, Part I

We have returned! And we are exhausted, sunburnt, maybe a little bit cranky, but above all, filled to the brim with peace and joy.

As we were leaving our campsite today, my husband and I were discussing our next camping trip and where we thought we’d like to go. While we have a lot of favorite haunts, each place we mentioned rang a little bit hollow. I looked at my husband and said, “I know this sounds really cheesy, but I think there is something a bit magical about this place.” And though my husband is the first one to call me out on my ability to make anything cheesy, he only smiled and nodded. He feels it, too. So, while we likely won’t return to some of the farthest northern reaches of our state for another year, this is a place that gives us so much joy, fun, and a feeling of freshness (despite our total lack of such after nearly five days in the woods).


We made the trip with my husband’s father, his wife, and their grandson, J. (who’s nearly 8, like E.), whom they’re raising. Without saying too much, there is an interesting dynamic between us all, for a great many reasons, and I often look forward to these camping trips with them because I feel like it is slowly healing tears that have been hanging loose for many years in this family’s fabric. I probably shouldn’t give a four day jaunt into the woods that much weight, but I don’t suppose I can help it.


We were lucky enough to be traveling in fabulous weather. We had a late start (around 3 in the afternoon), and though the GPS told us we’d be at our campsite by 7pm, we knew, having done this before, that just wouldn’t be the case!


We passed through our favorite town, Farmington, ME, where I attended college and my husband and I had our first home together, had our first baby, and got our marriage license. Our stop at the Farmington Hannaford made my day for some reason. Old memories, I suppose.


We saw ridiculous amounts of gorgeous scenery (even through our Jeep’s very dirty windshield) on our drive up, taking one of Maine’s scenic byways.

It was nearly 9 o’clock by the time we met up with my in-laws and reached our campsite. We quickly assembled our gear, scarfed down some food, and then hit the hay. There was a day of adventures to be had by morning.

Due to the ridiculous number of days we were gone and the crazy number of pictures I took, I’m dividing the recounting of this trip into a few posts. Stay tuned for the next installment tomorrow! 


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