After School

Deep concentration as they walk balanced on a fallen log.
Flowers are starting to bloom in our wood. I can’t remember the true name for this flower, but Poppi, my husband’s dad, told E. that this is called a Stinkin’ Benjamin.
Just a boy and his stick. M. spent a long time climbing all over this stump, even falling at one point. He got up and declared, “Mama, that didn’t even hurt! I didn’t cry! I’m so brave!” I love watching his confidence and daring grow each time we venture into the forest. 
We found these under a log. A lot of guesses were made until we settled on snails. I later consulted the all mighty Google and found out they are disk snails. How cool!!
E. created a series of challenges for herself, finding fallen logs that were at various lengths, heights, and thickness to walk on, starting over each time she fell off. Listening to her narration was hilarious. 
Our forest alter with a view of the hills in the distance. 

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