The Last Day

Most of today was spent getting ready for a new week, one that sends us back into our usual routine. While I was mostly caught up in doing work for grad school and getting things squared away for work, I spent a little time thinking about how much this week has meant to me.

Our last school vacation had been a flop. I know a lot of it had to do with the fact that it was mid-winter and I just couldn’t pull myself out of a funk. It certainly affected the rhythm of the household and a week just isn’t long enough to carve out a routine that feels good. I was really worried about how this week would go. I wondered if I would be able to keep some sort of shape to our days, if I would be able to stay on top of housework with both kids home all day, and if I would be able to get the things I needed to get done while also enjoying some time with our family.

As it turns out, I had very little worry about. Break balanced itself out nicely, with just enough excitement and downtime to keep everyone happy. I credit a lot of this sense of balance with making sure the kids got outside and keeping the TV off. I also credit a lot of my own personal sense of balance to having this, the blog, and my reading and a project to work on. I have a clearer picture of what I want for my children and myself and husband this summer than I did at the beginning of the week. I’ve exposed myself to some radical ideas and a sense of change is starting to percolate in my brain. It all feels amazing.

Summer, much like February break, can have stretches where I seem to lose myself without routine and a place to be. I like structure, but I’m not particularly good at imposing it on myself. I feel good that April’s break went so differently from February’s and I think I can see how our summer will go what I can do to make Mama’s Forest School a success.

With work starting up again I will not be able to plan or post on here as frequently as I’d like, but if you’re following along, I do hope you’ll check back in from time to time. I can start to feel what good will be happening here and I think it will be worth watching.


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